~English Day ~ アカスポスペシャル学校


12月26日は、冬休みアカスポスペシャル学校・ALL ENGLISH DAYでした。アカスポの子どもたちと京都の留学生がつながり、双方が絆を深め、国際理解を図っていくことを目的に実施しました。

We had a Winter Special School Programme on the 26th of December. The purpose of this event was have international students interact with ACASPO students in order to develop and deepen the connections between the two parties and to strive towards greater international awareness.


・Exciting self-introduction


・Games in the gym

・留学生がプレゼンターとなったWORLD クイズ大会

・WORLD Quiz Competition that each international student presented


・Discussion with international students


・Making fluffy slime together and overcoming the difficulties that arose during the activity.


With smiles that crossed the national borders, it became an event truly worth remembering! With exclamations such as “It was great fun!” and “It became a great memory during my stay in Japan!”, every international student looked very happy.


I hope this experience becomes an opportunity to learn more about not only the world, but about Japan as well.